Thursday, December 15, 2011

Strawberry Spinach Salad a la Ann

My sweet Ann makes this salad and it is fabulous.  It is another easy-peasey hit that will impress all your friends.  And isn't that why we cook?

12 oz fresh spinach (washed)
1 pt. strawberries, sliced (more if desired-or use drained mandarin oranges)
1/2 c. sliced almonds
3 Tbls. sugar

Toss sliced strawberries with spinach.

Toast almonds with sugar in skillet over medium/ high heat till carmelized.  (Keep stirring once sugar begins to melt.)  Let cool on wax paper and crumble & toss with salad. (I use more almonds and sugar b/c they are soooooo very yummy!)

3/4 c. mayo
2 Tbls. vinegar (white or apple-I've used rasberry-yum!)
1/3 c. sugar
2 tsp. poppy seeds

Mix ingredients together.  Let sit covered in fridge overnight or for about 3-4 hours.  Serve tossed or separate. 

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