Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Loaded Potato Soup A La Mess

Soups are on the menu because here in the deep South it is hovering around the 40's and to us...that is cold!

One of my families favorites is Loaded Potato Soup.  YUM!

I am going to share with you the "recipe," but please understand that I meddle not only with my friend's lives, but my recipes as well.  Also, I am not Jenny from Picky Palate or Ree from The Pioneer Woman, so this is exactly how I would show you if you were in my crumb-infested kitchen.

Basically the main rule to follow is whatever would be good on a baked potato 
will be good in the soup.  
(This from my very wonderful friend who owns Snap Decision Catering in Tuscaloosa, AL.  
Shout out for teaching me the basics of this and how to wing it!)
  So, you begin by cooking potatoes to get them soft.  
(For our tribe of 5, I use 8-10 small to medium potatoes from a bag. Go from there.)  
You can boil them, bake them or put them in the microwave.  Whatever is easiest to you.  

I do-not-care.

  Now, you can peel the skin off of them (careful, them taters are hot!  Let them cool for a bit. first)  
Or you can just use them with the skins.  
Again, your preference.  

  Cut them into small pieces and put them in your pot or mixing bowl.  

Here's where it gets really scientific.

  Add milk, or cream, or milk & buttermilk, or milk and half & half...whatever is dairy-like to make it sloshy.  
Yes, sloshy.  
Around 2 cups to start with and then just keep adding as you need it as you mix up the potatoes.  (Really scientific.)

  Take your hand mixer or whatever, and mix this stuff up to soup consistency.  Begin warming it up. 

  Cube 16 oz of Velveeta if you are cheap and easy, or you can get really fancy with lots and lots of other cheeses.  If you know what cheeses you like or what flavor you are going for, add that cheese.  
I use whatever I have around the house. 

Remember, cheese and dairy burn.  So don't turn it up too high and stir often.

  Once you get those things mushy and warming,  add your accoutrements according to preference.

Here are some of my standbys (the stronger flavor that you want...the more you add):
     Green Onion
     S & P
     A small bag of bacos (Go ahead and use real bacon.  But I am cheap and easy.)

Other suggestions are taco seasoning, sour cream, ranch dressing mix, onion soup mix, whatever sounds good to you and yours.  It is comfort food.  It is not rocket science.

  Let these things simmer until it is all mixed together

Don't forget your garnish.  I love a splash or 3 of hot sauce and of course more cheese on top!


So there.  
There IS no exact recipe.  
I cook by taste, and I experiment A LOT!  
Some things have been real disasters.  
Some things have been heaven, and I can't for the life of me remember what I put in them!  
But I have learned you can just cook for fun and for taste, so enjoy!  
And let me know how it turns out!

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