Friday, December 23, 2011

Room to Grow

Our Thanksgiving trip to the mountains of North Carolina this year was awesome.  One of the best parts, according to Little Prince (and I wholeheartedly agree), was taking a hike every day along the creek that runs down the mountain and through the front yard of the house where we stay.

I love watching my kids in the mountains.

I love watching my kids get dirty.

I love seeing them slide down rocks into the cold (shallow) creek.

I love watching my kids squirm, unsure of which way they should go.

I love seeing them doubt they can do it, and then watching their reaction when they do.

I love letting my kids do it for themselves. (or help each other)

Isn't this is what we are working towards?  

Every time I don’t swoop in and save them from difficulty, uncertainty and dirt,
I allow them to become stronger, wiser and well, less pristine.

Their smile and confidence is bigger when they do it on their own.

Their ability to make insightful decisions is sharpened when they get out of the “safety zone,”
do something the wrong way (gasp),
and make adjustments on their own .

Their ability to handle the gritty reality of life is greater every time their clothes get filthy. 

Absolutely my job is still to post guard on the perimeter, to make sure that they are truly safe,
but it is also to know where that perimeter is and the difference between "dangerous" and "useful." 

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  1. Sweet! Enjoy every minute of these days. They grow up so fast.