Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'm in love, I'm in love & I don't care who knows it!

I have to confess...I fall "in love" really easy.  What I mean is I don't become interested in something,
I totally become obsessed.

With a pair of boots.
With my favorite Monday night mystery writer/detective show.
With my new neighbor.
With that PTC momma that I volunteered with at my kids' school.
With the leading man in whatever the last Indian movie was that I watched.
With twitter or facebook or blogging.
With some new blogger that writes just the kind of snarky/spiritually deep/groovy cool/yummy stuff I love to read.

I can't help it.  I just do.

My Dad used to say that I was a zealot.

I am pretty sure that there would be restraining orders all over the place if I didn't have some semblance of social skills.

I've noticed this especially since we have made "the move" since my social calendar is far from full, and I am generally in the company of people under the age of 10. 
When I find something/someone to divert my attention from the unfamiliarity of it all, I just set up camp.

Some of these things fade as time goes by, and I just like them, as a normal person should.
Other things stick with me.

I have decided that Wednesdays should be obsession days.  So look for it.  

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