Monday, December 12, 2011

Some of my favorite things...

Moving from one place to another has caused me to part with a lot of old things.  Things that were too big, too old, too “not me anymore.”  But there are a few things I have kept. 

One of these things is my pair of Vasque hiking boots. 

I dated a guy in college who had a pair and to me they were the epitome of coolness.

When I finally bought some back in 1998 they cost me about $200, and I had never paid that much for a pair of shoes (nor have I since).  

 But I loved them.  
      Needed them.   
          Wanted them.   
               And they have been worth every penny. 

Sure they are dated.  But they have a ton of great memories attached to them.    

Our second anniversary trip to Vermont.
Countless "snows" in Alabama
Yard work
That year when I thought they went really well with bootcut cords and a snowflake sweater.

And they still totally rocked this Thanksgiving while climbing all over the mountains in North Carolina with the kiddos.  (OK, mostly we were all over the creek that runs by the house.)

Not everything that is old needs to be held on to.  But not everything old needs to be tossed.  As I get older, I am learning the difference.

Because one day I will be old.   
But I plan to still be useful.

What are some of your favorite purchases that you still absolutely love?

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