Monday, February 13, 2012

The life of a rep

I remember the waiting.

I remember the exhilaration of the sale.

I remember the driving.

I remember expense reports, goals, sales meetings, the camaraderie of reps and the drudgery of extreme temperatures.

I forgot the spare key.

It happened.
Week three.

After my last call, I made that multi-task mom stop at Aldi for groceries so my precious ones could quit eating fast food. While rushing to load the groceries so that I could hurry he to crock-pot chili prepared by my irreplaceable husband (can you smell the groveling?), I shut the trunk and reach into the abyss I call a purse and...nothing.

Well, not nothing. There are loose pieces of eclipse gum, crumpled receipts, pens that don't work, discontinued cell phones and who knows what else. But no giant wad of keys.

So I had to make the dreaded call to Mr. Wonderful. And now he is on his 60-mile round trip trek to unlock the car as I sit in la berry frozen yogurt shoppe and type this recap on the tiny demon-keys of the iPhone.

Happy valentines day baby.

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