Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Where in the world am I?

Hi everyone!  I know, it's been a while.

I am currently in San Diego.  What?!!!!

My world seems so drastically different. 

January began with 2 weeks of home study (I am a pharma rep now, if I haven't clarified).  Then a week in Indianapolis (mostly Bloomington-love it) for field training and now I am in CA for a week for my training.  Wow!

I can honestly say that 6 months ago this was not how I saw things panning out.  As I flew into San Diego I thought, "What the heck am I doing?!" 

Three years of full-time stay-at-home status and 6 years before that of really working for myself makes the "real world" seem very foreign. 

But I am absolutley loving spreading my wings and embracing this new season of life. 

As moms, sometimes we forget who we are without sippy-cups, diaper bags, PTO meetings and menu planning.  It is hard work, there is no doubt.  It is the best work, that is for sure.  But somewhere in the midst of wiping butts and reigning in temper-tantrums we forget how to "move like Jagger." 

I have absolutely no idea what God is planning to do with this part of my journey.  I know that the job itself is not "the point."  What He wants to do in me and through me is "the point."  Whether that is unemployed, cutting coupons and refusing to turn on the heat in order to keep the gas bill down or working for a (rocking little) pharmaceutical company and traveling all over the US, they are venues, each of them.

What is your venue right now?  Embrace it.  As Paul said, whether it is ideal or not, God has chosen it.  He is good.  Therefore, it is good.

Now, I have gotten my hair "did" and got my big girl clothes on.  That's my cue!  Later gators!

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